It's Tuscany &IT’S HEAVENLY

If there's one place in this world that is immersed in romanticism, gorgeous colours and elegant architecture, it is Tuscany, Italy. A way of life, each moment is infused with centuries of the world's best, be it in art, architecture or culture. We bring this everyday magical experience to Bengaluru, where the joys of a Tuscan way of life are quietly enjoyed in privileged isolation, yet at a comfortable distance from modern conveniences. This treasured property is Lone Star Créxcel Tuscany - off Kanakapura Road, the most exquisite addition to our portfolio.

We now invite you to be a part of it.

Residential Plots
Kanakapura Road, Bengaluru.

Total land area - 20 acres

No. of plots - 200

Plot sizes - 30x40, 30x50, 40x60, 40x70, 50x80

Fabulous like Florence

Tuscany brings to you the thrill of an extraordinary living experience stamped with the hallmark of Italian style. A beautiful embracing ambience with warm tones paying tribute to the elegance of Florence.

Serene like Siena

Enjoy a chilled Martini in the sun at our spectacular poolside promenade or simply relax on a hammock with your favourite book on a languid afternoon. Let the natural murmurs of Tuscan wood and stone all around drift you into serene relaxation.

Mesmerizing like Milan

The range of fun activities is sufficient to get you and your children excited about sport and inspire an appreciation for art and culture. Give your little ones the gift to sharpen their sporting skills at our outdoor/indoor facilities.

Lively like Livorno

And as the colors of the sky change from flaming ochre to dark violet, you can unwind the Tuscan way, sip on a drink with guests at our chic party area or bond over BBQ with family and friends.