" Together, we’ve breathed life into a lot of projects
and Tuscany will be the crown jewel."

“Tuscany” is the beginning of a journey. With decades of experience in creating some of India’s most iconic communities, we have embarked on a journey of creating this masterpiece. I welcome you on this journey, hoping that this project doesn’t become a mere address, but a lifestyle in itself.

Nestled in the rolling hills of South Bangalore, Tuscany will reflect just that; a lifestyle inspired by the verdant landscapes of the Tuscan region, famous for its traditions, artistic legacy and high culture.

I’ve personally designed the infrastructure keeping in mind the context sensitivity of the land, and brought my good friends Kajal & Anand from Studio Motley to define the architecture, Praveen and Santosh from 3Fold Design to design our landscapes and structures while TJ Naik, the constructor behind Orchid Nirvana, Embassy Springs and Vittal Mallya Road will build it out for us.

So join my partner Adviteeya Udaya and me on this journey. Let’s have fun together defining a lifestyle for our family and friends.

Vivek Menon

B.E(Civil), M.S.C.E(USA), P.E. (USA)

Vivek Menon is a professional civil engineer with more than 24 years of international experience. Vivek is also managing director of Invicus Engineering which is the pioneer in bringing state of the art civil infrastructure design services to India. Vivek has worked with all the leading developers in India creating iconic landmarks like Sobha City, Orchid Nirvana, Adarsh Palm Acres, Sobha Lifestyle, Sobha Emerald, Sterling Villa Grande, Bellezea, Waterford, Epsilon and the new Vittal Mallya road among others.

" I’ve always wanted to build a beautiful,
self-sufficient and sustainable community."

Having lived in the U.S. for some time, I’ve always been in awe of their meticulously planned futuristic communities and wanted to build something comparable, if not superior. To breathe life into Tuscany, I was on the lookout for a partner who had the ability to translate my vision into a tangible asset.

I happened to visit one of Viveks' projects and was thoroughly impressed with the infrastructure that was practical, convenient, yet aesthetically designed. The quality of materials used and the attention to detail truly befitted my definition of what a residential enclave should truly embody.

After meeting with Vivek, I learnt that he was the man behind creating some of India's most iconic communities and that brought a wide smile on my face. Together, we have decided to create a masterpiece in Tuscany. Our infrastructure is planned around the existing natural landscape that is reminiscent of the rolling hills, quintessential of Tuscany, thus making sure that our end result will not be a mere address but a lifestyle to yearn for.

Adviteeya Udaya


Adviteeya Udaya is a young entrepreneur who has worked with Accenture and Morgan Stanley for close to 4 years. Post his corporate stint, he came back to India and helped set up Adarsha Institute of Technology in 2013, an Engineering College of repute in Bangalore. He is also a part of the governing council at Adarsha for the fresh and innovative ideas that he brings to the table. With an intention to diversify and carve a niche for himself, he has entered the construction sector with a strong zeal to excel.


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